The Wizard needs at least three spell levels in two other classes. The Wizard is able to use equipment that the previous three spellcasting classes cannot, and therefore, you may wish to save Wizard for last in Tales of the Unknown. However, if the Wizard-only equipment is not important to you, then you may want to consider a different sequence of class changes to optimize spell point and hit point gains later in the game (see Archmage). In the later games, this is not quite as important.

Spells by LevelEdit

Level OneEdit

  • Summon Dead (SUDE) - 6 SP - Summons a Zombie or Skeleton to fight for the party.
  • Repel Dead (REDE) - 4 SP - Inflicts 16 to 80 damage to a group of undead.

Level TwoEdit

  • Lesser Summoning (LESU) - 8 SP - Summons a low-power elemental or demon to fight for the party.
  • Demon Bane (DEBA) - 8 SP - Inflicts 32 to 128 damage to a single demon.

Level ThreeEdit

  • Summon Phantom (SUPH) - 10 SP - Summons a medium-level undead to fight for the party.
  • Dispossess (DISP) - 10 SP - Removes "Possessed" status from a single party member.

Level FourEdit

  • Prime Summoning (PRSU) - 12 SP - Summons a medium-level elemental or demon to fight for the party.
  • Animate Dead (ANDE) - 11 SP - Makes a dead party member fight with the strength of the living for one combat.

Level FiveEdit

  • Baylor's Spell Bind (SPBI) - 14 SP - If successful, possesses the spirit of an enemy, making them fight for the party.
  • Demon Strike (DMST) - 14 SP - Inflicts 32-128 damage to a group of demons.

Level SixEdit

  • Spell Spirit (SPSP) - 15 SP - Summons a high-level undead to fight for the party.
  • Beyond Death (BEDE) - 18 SP - Resurrects a dead party member with one hit point.

Level SevenEdit

  • Greater Summoning (GRSU) - 22 SP - Summons a greater demon to fight for the party.

Items Usable by WizardsEdit



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