Wine Cellar
Vital statistics
Type Dungeon
Level 1
Location beneath the Scarlet Bard
Inhabitants as in Skara Brae, but in larger numbers


The Scarlet Bard on Rakhir Street is the only tavern in Skara Brae where wine can be ordered. The barkeeper, however, tells people to get themselves a bottle from the cellar. As the cellar is full of monsters, he has enough sense not to go down there himself...


Wine Cellar Level 1

Wine Cellar Level 2

Wine Cellar Level 3

Wine Cellar Level 4


There are two areas which are described as wine cellars in the game. However, these descriptions merely add to the atmosphere; no wine bottles can be found in the game, despite the barkeeper's invitation to fetch one. Anyway, the stairs that lead down to the Sewers are much more interesting for staunch adventurers.


No NPCs can be found in this dungeon.

Things to attackEdit


Nothing, escpecially no wine bottles.

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