Grey Dragon - DOS
Sphynx the Grey Dragon (DOS version)
Vital statistics
Title High Priest Bashar Kavilor's pet
Race Grey Dragon
Faction Mad God
Location Catacombs Level 2

Sphynx is the pet dragon of the Mad God's high priest in Skara Brae, Bashar Kavilor. The creature is able to speak, although conversation with the party is rather limited.


Sphynx is a grey dragon that guards the treasures of his master in the Chambers of Bashar Kavilor.


Once the party has entered the Chambers of Bashar Kavilor and defeated the high priest, Sphynx is the last surprise of this part of the Catacombs. He guards the one-way door that leads the party to the rest of the level. The dragon will attack instantly, as it sees the party merely as food.


"Sphynx eat now."

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