Lagoth Zanta
The Sage
DOS version
Vital statistics
Title The Sage
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Himself
Level Archmage
Location Sage's Hut


Lagoth Zanta is a lazy Archmage who just wants to sit back and let the pesky heroes do all his dirty work.


Lagoth Zanta is the main villain of Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight


The Destiny Knight himself should have a fairly easy, if tedious, time killing Lagoth Zanta's minions and then killing Lagoth Zanta.


"Welcome, my friends, to the home of Lagoth Zanta! You have been cunning, it is true, but your days have now come to an end. Your quest is through, fools. Prepare to die."


Lagoth Zanta's name was invented by Scott Smith.[1]


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  1. Bard's Tale II game manual, credits list

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