Brilhasti ap Tarj
Brilhasti ap Tarj
Vital statistics
Title Necromancer
Gender Male
Race Demon (?)
Faction Mad God
Location Skara Brae


Brilhasti ap Tarj seems to be one of Tarjan's lieutenants left in charge of the monsters in the ruins of Skara Brae. His last name "ap Tarj" is reminiscent of the Gaelic language which would mean "son of Tarj(an)". It is conceivable that Brilhasti is one of Tarjan's sons. Or has he chosen the name himself to underline his allegiance to Tarjan? In the game, conversation with this NPC is rather one-sided, so this secret is not revealed.




  • "Diddledy high, Diddledy low, Come brave blood sheep, you've a goodly way to go."
  • "So far, so good, this you all think, come even further, your blood I will drink. Brilhasti am I, and great is my god. Come to me, come, down the path few have trod."