"Valerian's Bow and the Arrows of Life

are only two of the prizes you'll gain

from the strife"

(from the c64-package)

In The Bard's Tale III - Thief of Fate, Arboria is the first dimension that the party must travel to after defeating Brilhasti ap Tarj underneath Skara Brae. To reach it, the Chronomancer must cast ARBO at the grove in the Wilderness. It is here that the party first meets the NPC Hawkslayer.

ENIK returns the party to the Wilderness.


In Arboria, the party must retrieve Valarian's Bow and the Arrows of Life from the Sacred Grove. To do so, the King of Ciera Brannia demands the party first seek out and destroy Tslotha Garnath, a monster living underground. Before this, however, the party must first figure out how to retrieve the Nightspear from Valarian's Tower.

Ciera BranniaEdit

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