Alliria was the Godess of Love and Beauty in the old pantheon in Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate. She resided in her home dimension of Lucencia, a garden paradise that is reknown for its brightly coloured landscape and life forms. If you go to a tavern in Lucencia, you learn from a bard a poem that describes the love story between Cyanis and herself. The poem drops clues that are necessary to progress through Lucencia, but also relates how Cyanis fell in love with Alliria not just for her outer beauty, but also for her inner beauty.

When the party finds Cyanis, they find him a total wreck. He's sobbing uncontrollably beneath a painting he had made of Alliria, cyring out, "Hawkslayer, why can you not save my beloved?" The party can choose to kill him, though it is a difficult battle since his spells are hard to resist. The preferred choice is to cast HEAL on him and learn what has happened. Tarjan tortured Alliria to death, with Cyanis forced to watch. He gives you a magic triangle that will allow access to her tomb.

When the party finds the tomb, the party realizes that the residents spared no effort or expense in creating a beautiful and fitting homage for the former goddess, but also that the servants of Tarjan have since defiled it. As the party progresses deeper into the tomb, Alliria's spirit appears to them a number of times, each time asking for a rose that was associated with a particular virtue. Once the party gives the last and final rose to her, she smiles and fades away. The party finds her Crown of Truth and Belt atop her coffin.